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Independent AC cleaning solutions for a wide range of AC units in your home or office. Get the Best AC Cleaning Services and Air Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

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    What Our Customers Say About Us

    September 25, 2022.
    I came to know about PAM Serve through my friend. They did marble treatment and polishing in my hotel apartment in an excellent way. It was a good experience to deal with them. They also educated the daily maintenance team on how to care for the marble. Excellent company and team!!!
    sharook.m.v Sharook
    sharook.m.v Sharook
    September 24, 2022.
    Excellent service 👌👏
    Jinshad Latheef
    Jinshad Latheef
    September 24, 2022.
    In my experience they are the best company in AC Duct cleaning and marble polishing. They ensure the quality of service and have great knowledge in what they are doing. They can be trusted when other contractors fail do the task
    Sushma George
    Sushma George
    September 23, 2022.
    Highly Recommend PAM Serve The marble in my villa got badly patched and spoiled by one contractor as they had used some poor inappropriate chemical. I was quite disappointed by this and one of my friend gave me Mr. Christy’s number. His team has done a marvelous job and I highly recommend PAM Serve for marble works. They have all the equipment, testing meters and chemicals. Moreover they are knowledgeable in the marble works. They are the best in town.
    veena kurian
    veena kurian
    June 4, 2022.
    PAM SERVE did a marvelous work to restore our new marble floor which was mishandled by the previous company who we had given the project to, for grinding and polishing work . The Marble was damaged fully and that is when PAM SERVE came as a saviour to restore it to a level we never imagined. They went out of the way to source for the best products to treat the damaged marble and turn it to shiny and smooth one ! We are really happy and grateful for their great service. I recommend them to anyone looking for marble polishing work .
    Shibu Bahuleyan
    Shibu Bahuleyan
    June 1, 2022.
    The service provided by PAM Serve property and home management has impressed me greatly. From the time of making a phone call to them for A/C duct cleaning and marble floor polishing, their conversation reflect an air of professionalism and a thorough knowledge of the work to be undertaken. When the actual work had started, I could see the dedication and thoroughness with which they undertook the task. They were well equipped with the machinery and the resources for the job. My marble floor was about 15 yrs old, chipped, cracked and fadded; but their results took my breath away, with a mirror like finish that made my floor on par with the flooring of some of the shopping malls here.
    winny james
    winny james
    May 24, 2022.
    Pam Serve is very professional company in stone restoration and expert in solving critical issues. They have a very good team with sound knowledge and professional approach. Bijuthomas Bijuthomas
    May 24, 2022.
    Pam Serve is very professional company in marble restoration, They are scientifically doing treatment. They have proper equipment for all services & have very professional team for marble treatment. They are using quality chemicals. They have done what they have promised. I am happy call Pamserve again for my works.
    Tala Hammoud
    Tala Hammoud
    May 19, 2022.
    Christy from Pam serve has exceptional customer service. I asked to remove a deep stain on my marble table and it was completely removed and now the table looks brand new again! I am extremely satisfied! Would definitely recommend.

    Why do you need AC Cleaning Service in Dubai?

    When the air ducts in a home or office are not maintained properly, dust, dirt, fungi and various parasites can grow in your AC ducts, affecting the air quality. These contaminants can enter the air you breathe and increase the risk of harmful airborne diseases. They are obviously a serious problem for you or your family and people with various respiratory problems like asthma or other allergies.

    In addition to the negative health problems, experts say that dust and dirt developed in the AC duct can reduce its effectiveness by up to 21%. Inefficient AC units use more power just to generate enough cooling power for a comfortable home environment. This ultimately leads to higher energy consumption and more expensive utility costs. Air duct and coil cleaning along with AC filter cleaning helps to ensure that the entire system works perfectly. Dirty AC pipes can cause bad odors in your space.

    Therefore, regular inspection and cleaning of air ducts is very important. We keep indoor air clean and healthy through efficient AC cleaning in Dubai, UAE. Our trained professionals guarantee everything that the work will be completed as carefully as possible and with minimal hassle to the client.

    AC Duct cleaning in UAE by Pamserve

    When to Hire Professional AC Cleaning Service?

    Air vents/ pipes clogged with dust & debris

    Most likely an obvious indicator of dirty air ducts is the presence of a little puff of dust as the AC begins running.

    Air filters become clogged

    If you need to swap out air filters in your warming and cooling framework persistently, this could be a sign of a more profound issue.

    Unpleasant smell from ducts

    If you feel an unpleasant smell in your home or office and can’t find the source, it could be emanating from the air duct system.

    Your place becomes dusty very quickly​

    If you continuously find dust and dirt in your home or office even after cleaning, it indicates that a significant amount of dust is being directed to the surfaces, most likely from the HVAC system.

    Irregular & poor airflow in the house

    The simplest method for realizing that your air ducts ought to be cleaned is unstable airflow in your home or office.

    Your electricity cost is higher than usual

    No matter what the season, your AC bills should be somewhat in the same range. If you notice your bills are on the rise compared with certain months prior to, your home or office AC systems could be at fault.

    Pam Serve AC duct cleaning at home

    Top Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitising

    AC duct cleaning and disinfection includes the removal of debris and dust from your ducts while sanitizing the vents to kill mold and other bacteria. Many people don't know about what this service offers that would be useful. Look at how cleaning and sanitizing your AC ducts can hold numerous advantages for your wellbeing and comfort!

    Frequent cleaning and sanitization of air channels can safeguard your home and office from airborne infections and bacteria. Additionally, cleaning mold and dust prevents bacteria from growing.

    Cleaning your air ducts will improve the air quality in your home. This is significant for side effects like respiratory issues or allergies. By eliminating the mold through the Air filter system, you can inhale easily while breathing clean air.

    The additional advantage of AC duct cleaning and sterilization is the additional cleanliness of your system!

    One more significant reason to clean your AC duct professionaly is to improve the performance of your HVAC system. Cleaning the AC ducts can improve the consistency of your heating and cooling, as well as reduce your utility bill.

    Having a clean and clear AC duct can reduce the mechanical stress on your HVAC system. Clean AC duct will save you money on repair bills and other long-term maintenance costs.

    Why Pamserve for AC cleaning services in Dubai, UAE?

    Pam Serve AC duct cleaning services in Dubai

    Pamserve gives the best AC duct cleaning services in Dubai, UAE for business and private premises. Pamserve has an accomplished staff, coordinated with the right AC duct cleaning instruments that eliminate each bit of dust from inside on AC duct. An expert AC duct cleaning is fundamental for better indoor air quality and the wellbeing of your loved ones! With certifications of Air Systems Cleaning Specialist from NADCA, Pamserve is a leader in a full range of cleaning and sterilization services like Ac Duct cleaning, Mould and fungal treatment, Air Quality Checking Service, AC Service, AC Odour Treatment, Coil Cleaning and many more.

    The Pamserve group have lived and worked in Dubai starting around 2010. Because of our tremendous involvement in this field, we understand the difficulties of the environment and the issues related with health and wellbeing if the AC systems are not cleaned properly.

    With extreme temperatures outside, your air conditioning framework ought to be persistently working or have particularly short cycles. While your AC unit is trying to keep the indoor air cool, suitable maintenanace of the structure is central to additionally further develop system performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions on AC cleaning service

    Ask the technicians to show you before and after photos of your AC duct. They will happily show you the cleaning work. Also, you can check the AC duct with a torch for any dust or mold formation inside.

    We recommend our clients to avail of AC duct cleaning services once a year. But it depends on the clients’ requirements and preferences.

    As we discussed earlier, cleaning AC ducts has several benefits such as Protection from bacteria, Excellent air quality, a Clean ventilation system, Improved energy efficiency, Lesser repair work, etc.

    Cleaning the AC duct will reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC system. It will ultimately reduce the electricity bills.

    Absolutely Not! Pamserve has a highly trained professional team. We use the latest tools and equipments and modern cleaning methods. All the cleaning work will be done without creating any mess. Be ensured of a clean and hygienic room without any dust on the floors after all our cleaning work.

    Our cleaning services are quick and reliable. We assure our clients of the fastest services possible. The average time for the entire cleaning process varies on the clients’ requirements, several rooms, areas, and the number of technicians. Pamserve is popular for the fastest AC cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.

    Yes, there are many health benefits. Clean HVAC systems ensure pure breathable air, a pleasant atmosphere, and a healthy indoor environment. It also reduces the chance of airborne allergies such as Asthama.

    Give us a call on +971555530640 or +97142575667. You can fill-up the form to reach us. Our representative will call you to understand your requirement. We will do a FREE pre-project survey. Once approved by both parties, we will book the time and date for the cleaning service. Our technicians will visit your place and do the professional cleaning. Once you get completely satisfied with our AC cleaning services, you can give our service review on Google and other platforms.

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