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We offer a wide range of Facility Management & Soft Services in domestic as well as commercial setups.

AC Services in Dubai, UAE

AC duct cleaning services in dubai

Ac Duct Cleaning

We have NADCA certified, professional staff for AC duct cleaning in Dubai. We use modern tech & approved imported chemicals to clean the AC ducts. The AC duct cleaning service also includes FREE pre and post-project surveys.

Pam Serve AC services

Ac Services

Our efficient, experienced and expert team is available for AC Services & HVAC Maintenance. We have professional staff for co-ordination and to ensure customer satisfaction.

AC duct cleaning and AC coil cleaning services in UAE

Coil Cleaning

You can save up to 10-25% of the average working expense of your HVAC unit by cleaning AC coils yearly. At PAM Serve, we provide complete AC maintenance services at a very affordable cost.

Pam Serve Mold Cleaning

Mould & Fungus Treatment

Mould and fungus can create a mess indoors & outdoor. PAM Serve is working in the FM & Soft services sector since 2010. Our expert team handles the mould and fungus treatment efficiently. 

A man cleaning the kitchen hood duct

Bad Smell Treatment

On the off chance that you smell a rotten scent, odds are mould or fungus have started to fill in or close to your AC system. PAM Serve provides AC duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance and other AC services. Our expert team would give a visit for a FREE project survey.

Pam Serve kitchen hood cleaning service

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

We specialize in kitchen hood cleaning services in Dubai, UAE. PAM Serve entered the kitchen hood cleaning space in the year 2018. We have experienced staff who will ensure quality work at a very affordable price.

Marble & Granite: Care and Maintenance

Pam Serve marble polishing service

Marble Crystallization

We only use certified high-grade marble & granite care products. We are a well-known name in Dubai, UAE for marble crystallization service and other marble & granite care services.

Pam Serve Floor Work

Floor & Wall Tiles Work

In addition to the marble and granite care, we are providing the best services related to floor & wall tiles work.

Marble and Granite Polishing Service

Marble & Granite Restoration

Resurfacing granite, including polishing and sealing can be a cumbersome task. PAM Serve provides excellent marble & granite restoration services in Dubai and the rest of UAE.

Pam Serve marble and granite polishing service

Marble, Granite Grinding & Polishing

As time passes, grooves or impressions appear on the surface of the marble. The cost-effective marble & granite grinding & polishing services from PAM Serve will improve the life of the flooring.

Pam Serve Marble Care Service

Tile Polishing

Tiles need regular polishing to look more appealing and shiny. PAM Serve has an excellent team for this work. We provide quality cleaning services in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

Pam Serve Natural Stone Care

Total Stone Care

PAM Serve uses proficient quality stone care cleaners & sealers for the natural stones in your house. We have expert staff for all-out stone care work. We use professional-grade cleaners for the entirety of your stone cleaning needs.

Building Maintenance Services in Dubai, UAE

Pam Serve kitchen hood cleaning service

Deep Cleaning

Whether it’s cleaning the furniture, wiping the ceiling or light fixtures, sanitizing trash cans, cleaning baseboards, window frames, or door frames, PAM Serve has a solution for everything. We provide complete deep cleaning services in Dubai & the rest of the UAE.

Painting Service in Dubai


The list of services offered by PAM Serve also includes painting services, carpentry, Art Painting, etc.

Pam Serve Cleaning Staff

Building Deep Cleaning

PAM Serve provides services of deep cleaning of buildings, both indoor and outdoor. We are known for our excellent work ethics, authorized cleaning chemicals use and quality work. PAM Serve is a well-known cleaning service provider in Dubai.

Pam Serve AC duct Cleaning

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